Translations: ~50 € / page in source text (1560 characters) + VAT

In the translation, we convey the thought and meaning of the source text to the target text, without losing the thought, purpose or style of the source text.

Language check/ proofreading: ~15 € / page (1560 characters) + VAT

In language check/ proofreading, we correct errors in spelling and grammar (for example, punctuation and compound words) as well as vocabulary and sentence structure. If needed, we also check and correct the language fluency and the structure of the text.

Editing: ~30 € / page (1560 characters) + VAT

Editing includes a language check, but we also modify other than the purely linguistic aspects of the text. We pay special attention to the style, tone and structure of the text, as well as to the the exact terminology within the subject area. If necessary, we can do a thorough re-writing of the text, for example when we popularize scientific texts or summarize a comprehensive report into an easy-to-read script.

For urgent assignments, we add 15 % to the price. All prices given above are indicative. The prices will be negotiated individually for each assignment, taking into account the difficulty of the text, the expertise needed etc.